Traders Psychological Profile test: Are you cut out to be a day trader?

I’m not really into these things, but I know plenty of people find some use for them. A few of the psychological tests re trading/investment that are around on the web:

Trading Psychology: Types of Traders
Trader qualities. Do you have what it takes to become a successful trader? Take this quiz.
The centered trader. Take the quiz to test how centered you are and how to fix any problems you discover.
Trading like a Samurai. Learn how to trade like a Samurai, including six tips to help your trade better.
Trading Psychology: Trading Problems
Fear of success. Is the fear of success holding you back?
Trade decisively. Time to trade decisively, or is it?
Trading barriers. Here are 11 barriers to trading success and how to fix them.
Trading hesitation. Why do traders hesitate when entering or exiting a trade?
Trading stress. Learn how to deal with trading stress and anxiety to expand your comfort zone.
Trading success, one secret: Commitment.
Trading Psychology: Trading Improvement
Forget the money. One secret every trader or investor must know…
Goals: Improve profitability by setting goals.
Stopping points. What is holding you back from winning big?
Trading imagery. Learn to replace bad thoughts with good ones to improve trading success.

These can all be found here:

And another test here:

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