Quit yer whinin’ – things are MUCH better than the figures show

One of my biases/weaknesses is a lack of tolerance for whiners (referred to as whingers here in Australia). This whining is manifested in many ways; in the field of trading/economics/finance it is constantly present. For example, think of the ‘Government statistics are not telling an accurate story, things are MUCH worse’ meme that is hugely popular amongst the whiny set. Of course, some of this whining is politically motivated (‘Things would be MUCH better if Mr. X was elected/re-elected’). But a lot of it is just whiny pessimism from whiny, miserable people.

Well, to offset some of the pessimism a little I bring you this link, showing how things are actually MUCH better than the whiners would have you believe:

I’m working on a file on my Apple laptop, save it to the Dropbox folder, and I can be sure that the same file will show up on my PC when I get home.
Dropbox costs me nothing for 2.5 GB worth of storage. More important, I’m getting a valuable service for nothing.
But where does the fall in “price” of the Dropbox/Google Drive-type service show up in the Consumer Price Index? The answer: Nowhere. Free services such as Dropbox and Google Drive (or Facebook, or Yahoo Mail, or any other Web service without a price) do not affect the CPI, even as their usefulness increases.


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