ECRI Recession call, again

Lakshman Achuthan from ECRI has popped up on CNBC and Yahoo Finance in two video interviews reasserting his recession call. I have a lot of time for Achuthan, I especially like how he smacked down those using his research to call a recession back in 2010 … Achuthan insisted they were incorrect … they vociferously disagreed (but they are perma-bears) … net result was a recovering US economy, a booming stock market and perma-bears again denying the facts. So, I like Achuthan.

But, I gotta say, I haven’t much been impressed with his latest recession call. It started in Sept. 2011; he was very insistent that a recession was about to happen. 9 months later and still no sign, and the US stockmarket has once again gone up (‘cept for the past couple of weeks, sure). He has reiterated his call a few times, each time hedging a little more as to timing. His latest is to say the US will be in recession by June 2012 (next month). Kudos to him for putting a firm date on his call, that sets him apart from 99% of the pundits and commentators out there. So, now, we will see.

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