Countering the European doomers

The fear re Europe after the weekend’s elections results is not unreasonable, and the market has responded as it always does to fear, a run to the exits. But cooler heads are needed to do an assessment once the initial panic has subdued.

There are signs that European policy-makers are not going to just cave in and let the place go to hell in a handbasket.

Couple of good pieces to read:
From Tim Duy’s excellent blog: Hopeful Signs From Europe?

From the FT, this is an expansion on the tweet I mentioned last night … this IS a paradigm shift:
Bundesbank signals softening on inflation You may need a subscription to access the FT if you click on the link.
Look at the words in that headline:
Signals Softening
on Inflation.

Never thought I would see those 5 words in one sentence…

Also worth considering is the news that the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, is buying into a European telecom company big time. He didn’t become the world’s richest man by buying in to businesses at the top, now did he?

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