Skype error 2738 SOLVED!

I don’t know how I became the IT guy for my extended family, but it pretty much sucks. Latest case, my (elderly-ish) parents had a problem with Skype. I don’t use use VOIP at all (barely use a cell phone), but being the IT guy I was called upon to try to get them up and running again.

It seems a lot of Skype users are having a problem with the latest version (5.5 and up).

My parents couldn’t log in (got sent to a windows explorer page or something). Upon uninstalling and reinstalling Skype I got an error 2738 message. Here is what I did which has worked (at least so far … only problem is a normal IT guy would take the cash and disappear before the user encountered other problems … but being the family IT guy that option is not available … oh yeah, other problem is I get no cash LOL … so I hope this continues to work).

I updated to Internet Explorer 9.
Yeah – IE9.
Sheesh, even my parents don’t use IE. But, apparently, its needed for Skype to work properly????

So, yeah, updated to IE9.

Then I installed a beta version (5.7) of Skype. Yikes, I hope it keeps working.
Found it here:

O/S is Win7 64

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2 Responses to Skype error 2738 SOLVED!

  1. fbaudains says:

    Thanks after many dead ends this was the only thing that worked. You’ve made another Mum’s day!!

    • fmtrading says:

      Thanks for the feedback – glad it has worked for you too.
      Since I posted this solution my parents have had no further trouble with Skype.

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