Been a while …

Been a while since I’ve posted to the blog.

There has been plenty happening, of course, but this item from the WSJ Market Beat blog sums up how I’ve been feeling:
Can I Get A Show of Hands? Anyone Else Sick of This Europe Stuff Yet?

Make no mistake, this post (mine) is just a whinge. The market is what it is, deal with it. But, hey, a rant from time-to-time can be a cathartic thing! LOL

What else is going on then?

Just had the FOMC statement, notable (at least to me) for a swing in who is doing the dissenting. The Hawks are happy, joining in with the consensus. Its a Dove who is dissenting. An interesting development, sure. I’m reading it as a swing to a greater concern about the health of the US economy within the Fed (and therefore implying certain things about the likelihood of future policy actions – i.e leaning to the more dovish side). But I’m often wrong.

So, what is going on in the US economy. For those following developments there, this graph will be of little surprise, but to those not, its a good summary:

Citigroup Economic Surprise Index - Major Economies (CESIG10:IND).

Yep, recent figures reporting on the health of the US economy have been getting better, & has surprised pundits to the upside, which was nice.


In other developments, I’ve been making a lot more use of note-taking software – easy to save interesting items, easy to insert charts and such. So much of the stuff I used to post here for my own reference later has now been posted to the note software, therefore not as much blog useage.

I have been using Twitter a lot more. Found some great information sources on there. It really is very useful for a short-term momentum-y type trader. Especially in this ‘someone-in-Europe-just-farted, quick-let’s-go-to-risk-off, no, wait, risk-on” environment.

And some other things – I’ve found new blogs & a forum with good analysis & info, saving me having to do it myself (sounds lazy, but 1. it frees me to do other research/analysis, overall adding a lot of value to my trading & 2. these sources do work that I either don’t do or don’t do as well, so utilising them is just a no-brainer).

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3 Responses to Been a while …

  1. Twitter is great hey, you using TweetDeck? If not you should try it out, pops up tweets on your desktop, then just follow other traders and news services etc. Very handy.

    What’s the forum you’ve found?

  2. fmtrading says:

    G’day Sam – will give Tweetdeck a go, thanks for that!
    Yeah, only found the forum a couple of days ago, the guy does some good technical analysis before the ES open then updates his thoughts throughout the day and other contributors chime in too. Pretty good stuff and a nice complement to tape reading/ladder. Nice to get a different take on the morning (and the rest of the day if you’re up late LOL) as it progresses.
    and more specifically at

    Hey Sam, thanks for your tweets and your blog, really great to see the perspective from inside a prop program.

  3. No worries, I find it pretty useful, a few traders at the prop shop have even said some news can come out on there first before any of the news services, so many things to follow too its pretty useful.

    Nice, will check it out, thanks for the links, will have to check it out for sure if its a compliment to the ladder 🙂

    Thanks and no problems, you read my tumblr blog? Wow, didn’t think anyone did lol.

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