Its Europe, still

Getting fed up with this diet of European gloom and doom. It ain’t gonna go away though. Still, the volatility is great.

So, in the hours preceding the US open (no, not the US Open, the market open) there has already been a day full of news and accompanying wild gyrations in the ‘overnight’ ES (I am so parochial … & yes in other markets too, of course).

So, something completely different.

Here is a great blog: The Psy-Fi Blog
I’m reading the latest post now, Mental Models, Arrayed on Charlie Munger’s Latticework.

Not finished the article yet, but look at this little gem:

Markets are adaptive, people are reflexive and they spin around in a dance that never ends.

Must be the quote of the day.


I suppose I really should say something about Europe.
Great place to visit, but …
OK, maybe something else too.

Nice summary of where we are at:
Where Politics and Money Intersect

Great perspective on the China/Italian bonds story:
Understanding Chinese Policymaking

Finally, and at the risk of incurring the wrath of the goldbugs, WTF is going on? The world is (reportedly) falling apart (LOL) and yet gold is losing the bid? Well, it has over the past days. Fiat currency suddenly attractive? (LOL again).

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