More TED

Just a quick one, much to do today that will not allow lengthy posts.

The TED Spread … regulars to this blog will know I check it every day, often many times a day.

Check this out:

You can find the chart on Bloomberg, here:

Wow – still signs of stress out there.

But, wait a minute. Is this 2007/08 all over again?

Check out a 5 year chart of the TED spread:

So, 2007/08 all over again? What?

ps. Note that the equity markets don’t need the TED spread to skyrocket to 2007/08 levels in order to shed significant value, the last 3 weeks are proof enough of that (and many more examples come to mind as well). But the TED spread is NOT showing warning signs of systemic risk … despite the shrill screaming of the hysteraholics. Some of them really need to get their heads screwed on properly.

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