Expertise development – Nature AND Nurture

No time for a discussion of these two articles now, but there will be soon.
Highly recommended.

Bolding is the author’s:

Let me start out by saying that culture, training, diet, opportunity are all crucial to producing sporting champions or elite performances. But the problem with the debate as it stands is the relative dismissal of physiological factors like genes, and also the extremely oversimplified view that “it’s all about the training”, or that science suggests genes don’t matter. My purpose with these posts is thus not to dismiss the role of training, culture or belief, but rather to balance out the argument with the facts.

And in so doing, to give an indication of just how complex it really is – the only certainty is that whoever says that success is due to one or two things is wrong.

There is no way I can sum up the arguments and conclusions of the author in this post, not with any justice anyway. I will return to these two articles in a later post; for now, have a read. I think you will find them very helpful indeed.

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