2 new posts on Motorway’s Enantiodromia blog

Two new posts up from Motorway on the Enantiodromia blog.
These two latest posts should be read as part of a series of posts that use the point and figure charts to show how to read price action in the context of analysis of the XAO (The All Ordinaries, a stock index measuring the performance of a broad range of stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange).

To get the most out of these two latest posts (and, indeed, Motorway’s work as a whole) I would recommend going back to the start of the Enantiodromia blog and reading forward from there. For those after more explicit posts related directly to these most recent two, I would suggest reading in this order:


XAO==> Reading a Chart part 1


XAO==> Reading a Chart part 2

05-Aug-11 00:57 AM GMT

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