We Love Electric Avenue


Yesterday I linked to the Global Macro Monitor blog re some optimism. Today there is a post there re electric vehicle and recharging stations, and at the end of the post is this:
In related news, I now can’t get the Eddy Grant classic “Electric Avenue” out of my head.

OK, so far so non-weird. But here it comes.

So just now I was having a listen to a newish song by Sneaky Sound System, “We Love” (great song, BTW; check it out.)
And guess what song kept popping in my head through “We Love”?
Took me some minutes to figure it out (was on the tip of my tongue) … yep, “Electric Avenue”.
Here they both are, see what you think:
Sneaky Sound System – We Love (Clip is a little bit, ummmm, suggestive …)
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

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