Optimism and sunshine

Optimism. Its one of my biases/weaknesses.

Here, then are two very good reasons for optimism. (BTW, this post is not a reason to go and load up on the S&P, OK? It is not a view, just some things that made me optimistic today).

Nonlinear Thinking: Smart Phone Cataract Detecting Device

This is the exact technology that will lift the American and global economy out of its current funk. Not more stimulus, not QE7, but entrepreneur led cutting edge practical tech applications, which marries the mobile revolution with societal and cultural trends. These are the types of positive black swans which render medium-term economic forecasts useless.

Bolding is mine.
From Global Macro Monitor (macromon) – good blog. Hard-edged analysis most of the time. And some lighter stuff some of the time. Well written all of the time.

And this:
Experimental wind-farm produces tenfold power increase
Read that headline – TENFOLD POWER INCREASE.

Caltech researchers say the power output of wind-farms can be increased by an order of magnitude – at least tenfold – simply by optimizing the placement of vertical wind turbines on a given plot of land.

I found the article on the Naked Capitalism blog.

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