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This is well worth reading:
After careful consideration, I remain bearish

In the face of the recent volatility* it is paying to be very flexible with one’s view and avoid getting looked into a perma-…. (insert bull or bear as suits) attitude to the market. These swings are very tradeable, but not if you’re locked into one rigid state of mind. (Apologies to those who want one, permanent view, and I suppose long-term investors are in this category, but – there are plenty of sites on the ‘net that will offer this; this isn’t one of them. Except for my admitted optimistic bias).

*”Volatility? But the VIX is low!”, you say.
And I agree, it is.
But the swings we are seeing – S&P500 1340 to 1260 to 1340 again in June alone – that’s volatile, dude.

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