I put up a quick post prior to the market open on Wednesday with a reference to the Capital Spectator blog and the post asking about the potential for QE3.

I had a reread of the articles linked to, and I can’t attach much credence to any of them.
The WSJ article is very short, all it says really is that Bernanke has put a high bar in place for QE3. My perception from this article is that any potential for QE3 is a long way off.
One of the other articles seems to be argue for a hypothetical chain of causation that could lead to QE3 … the hypothesis seems reasonable to me, but is a very long way from current reality. So, no cigar on this one, either.
There is also a good piece from a financial advisory firm which makes some good arguments as to why QE3 is a good idea right now; but again the reality of QE3 is still a long way off, there are simply no signs from credible sources that it is being seriously considered.

I gotta say, there are no signs of QE3 on the horizon that I can discern.

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