I like quickies

So here’s another one.

From Barry Ritzholt’s blog, The Big Picture, a link to
ECRI: Global Slowdown to Hit by Summer, 5 min video
Watch the whole thing for some interesting inflation info , too (support for Bernanke’s view as current inflationary pressures being merely transitory).

Early signs of this back in mid-March from Data Diary, see my post here:
or direct to Data Diary, here: http://www.datadiary.com.au/2011/03/15/oecd-leading-indicators-global-expansion-crescendo/

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2 Responses to I like quickies

  1. Rohan Clarke says:

    Cheers FM,
    Appreciate the reference.
    All signs point to peaking growth, inflation and once Ben steps out of the way, maybe even peaking stockmarkets.

  2. fmtrading says:

    And thanks to you Rohan for the heads-up re the slowing in momentum of the leading indicators back in March, Data Diary put its readers way ahead of the pack with this warning to be on alert.

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