Yen: potential trend reversal call from TradersNarrative

Calling the end to a a massive trend is gutsy. TradersNarrative tentatively floats the idea of a reversal in the strengthening Yen trend, quoting research from Investor’s Intelligence (the TradersNarrative post is here:
Betting Against The Yen: A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity ).

There is a second post, too, Global Tactical Asset Allocation: Currencies ( ) which provides further research.

I haven’t thought much about the potential for a trend reversal here, attributing the falling Yen to the intervention efforts of the CBs, & the lack of verifiable Yen repatriation (so widely expected). So, we will see what pans out. But, like I said, such a call is gutsy, so, whether right or wrong, kudos to the folks at TradersNarrative and the quoted researchers for floating the idea, backing it up with research, and generously sharing it.

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