TMM nails it, again

From the Team Macro Man blog – one of the best trading-related blogs around.

Bolding is mine:

For today, if we didn’t know better, we would suggest that the Media is running the world. Journalists are currently thriving on the exceedingly fertile ground of natural disaster, nuclear disaster, social unrest, war and international discord. In Tokyo the western media appears to have done their best to whip up panic with a barrage of bent and twisted statistics and now Libya has been a classic pump and dump exercise. Demand action, criticise its tardiness and then tear it apart once done, all the while offering opinion based on emotion rather than fact.

Cannot help but agree completely. And if you are looking to other sources (such as blogs), beware of the same phenomenon (especially the bold part). A lot of barrow-pushing and axe-grinding masquerading as financial market information. Not helpful to FMTraders at all.
If your trading is not what you want it to be, maybe remembering the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ maxim could be helpful.

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