Watching the leading indicators

Good info from the Data Diary blog:
OECD leading indicators – global expansion crescendo

Of course, it is going to be necessary to continually monitor the leading indicators, but the gist of what they are conveying at present fits with what I have been thinking recently (especially in regards to the impact of the sustained strength in oil prices – yes, they are under pressure of late, but haven’t fallen much, and are still at a high level … but maybe this is just my confirmation bias typing so please DYOR and RYOC (Reach Your Own Conclusions … I just made that up 🙂 ).

Just to blog with clarity … a rollover in the leading indicators does not necessarily translate into a rollover in the US equity markets. The relationship of the economy (local and/or global) to the equity market is not linear. So, while I have a background view on the global economy, it doesn’t necessarily translate into a specific view on the equity markets. Especially in a day-trading role …

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