Is Ben Bernanke the new Moses?

So, having seen articles around saying Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) is the new Moses, having been responsible for the bringing down of the pharaoh of Egypt, I got to thinking. The internet in general, and social media in particular, is being credited with the ease of organising and sustaining protest movements.

But it seems the catalyst for why these protests are manifesting now is the rise in food prices. And the blame for rising food prices is being laid at the door of the Federal Reserve’s easy money policy. (Of course, there are other factors, but let’s go with blaming the Fed for the purposes of this post).

OK, so the chain of causation goes: Fed easy money –> rising food prices –> Mid. East revolutions. So, the way I see it, Ben Bernanke is causing these revolutions.

Ben Bernanke, Freedom Fighter. Not only did he save the West from a depression, he is also helping oppressed people around the world achieve liberation.

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