Wind-back QE2? … 2

Tue 19JAN2010 1335GMT

More rhetoric re winding back QE2? Pretty innocuous, anodyne statement to reporters (I’m giving the thesaurus a workout here), but nevertheless a statement is a statement and its not as if Plosser is just some random commentator. Could be significant (I think it is), so just noting it.

“If economic growth in the United States continues to gain traction and the prospects begin to look ever better, it might be time for us to begin thinking about how do we begin to gradually take our foot off the accelerator,” Plosser said today to reporters after a speech in Santiago. Asked if the recovery may improve enough this year that he’d want to begin a policy tightening, he said, “It might. I’m not going to rule that out.”

From Bloomberg:

Found this story via the very helpful Between The Hedges blog:

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