Sometimes being really boring pays off. Sifting the data, reading the reports, spending hours getting the right information from sources you never knew existed. Things like that.

Sometimes being boring pays off with a little bit of free entertainment. I got this little bit of free entertainment about a month ago, and still get a giggle out of it.

So, I’m reading the fine print on a ticket I got when I entered a parking lot. You know the type of thing, pull-up to a barrier, there is a stand/console thingy next to the driver’s window that dispenses a ticket that you use when time comes to pay etc.

I am in a parking lot that has a sign out the front with the name of the parking lot … “Secure Parking”. And, well, I’m reading the fine print on the ticket (told you I was boring). It says this, and I quote:

“No warranty as to the security of this car park is expressed or is to be implied by the word ‘secure’ in our trading name.”

OK then, LOL.

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