Wednesday 17NOV2010 0257GMT

Not too much time on my hands today, but itching to post up something. I haven’t got anything in mind, just wanting to make some noise.

Having a look back at some of my most recent posts:

BTW, please pardon me quoting myself, but I have been very happy indeed with my thinking, and my awareness of of my thinking in the context of what was going on in the ES. A blend of sentiment, technicals, and macroeconomics. OK, here goes:

From Nov. 9, sentiment:

Most of what pleases me is tinged with optimism and, dare I type it, bullishness … and whoops, again, my bias is showing. On the other hand the fact that I am finding much that pleases me may well be a contrary signal and its time to watch out below.

Again, from Nov. 9, the pre-cash update, technicals:

BUT there are offers around. That is, this rally from 1215 is filling in a lot of resting sell orders. I wouldn’t be too keen on looking for much more out of this nice little rally.

From Nov. 11, macroeconomics

The US trade balance fell, most interesting to me was the decline in imports by 1%. … I have just noted to myself the fall in imports and have notched up the wariness a little.

Along with this fall in imports is the UCLA/Ceridien Pulse of Commerce Index (basically a real-time diesel fuel consumption measure) falling too. …

China: new measures to control capital inflow, and bumped up reserve requirements for banks there. Needs to be noted.

Europe: developments on the periphery (notably the bit sticking most out into the North Atlantic (Ireland, in case my geography is a bit dodgy)) continue to deteriorate. Needs to be noted.

Blending sentiment, technicals and macroeconomics … might be something in it … 🙂

Kudos to the permabears, too. Nice little 50 point drop. Stopped clocks rule, OK!

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